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e-Bikes or EVs? Cost of Ownership Breakdown

Did you know the average price paid for a new electric car in 2022 was well over $50k (NPR)? If you're debating making the plunge into electric vehicle ownership, considering a second car, or not sure about paying premium price for a new Hybrid, we understand!

According to the USDOT statistics 35% of car trips are 2 miles or less, and almost 60% are 5 miles or less! Considering that e-bikes have a battery range between 35-80miles on pedal assist. You could replace roughly 7-15 car trips with just 1 charge of your e-bike battery! Now, with some simple napkin math; for just $.06 you could be on your way to the restaurant, daycare, school, work, park and back by now (ex: 750w battery x $.08/kwh = 6 cents to fill-up an ebike battery). Plus no special EV infrastructure required and the caloric benefits, heart improvement, moments of mindfulness, and fresh air come FREE of charge. Considering that the average cost of car ownership in the U.S. is almost $1000/month or, roughly an additional $100,000 in mortgage value over the lifetime of a vehicle ( The affordability of a mid-range e-Bike at $2000 is looking pretty sweet next to that new car payment. Stop into e-Bike Duluth for free test rides (and smiles). Let one of our helpful staff answer all your e-Bike questions and discover where in town your new e-Bike could take you.

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