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Are Cargo Bikes the Minivan of 2023?

More and more, we're seeing the sale of cargo bikes rise. We also know that their popularity is growing because we see so many of them ride past our shop on the Lakewalk. With so many cargo bikes to choose from, how do you know what the right fit is for you?

At our shop we've assembled many RadWagons for customers, but due to their Direct-to-Consumer business model it means that supporting them afterwards can be a challenge, especially when it comes to reimbursing warranty work. At our shop, we carry three different brands of cargo e-bikes because they all have a slightly different set of features that can make them more tailored to the individual rider. We also offer test rides and have a team of fully trained e-bike specialists to guide you on your cargo e-bike journey, making the entire process enjoyable, easy, and informative. We want you to spend more time riding and less time worrying about the little things.

Pictured above is the Magnum Payload. It currently retails for $2,899 but we're marking it down by a whopping $600 because we want to see more people on Magnum's fantastic e-bike. This is our largest cargo bike and has room for up to two additional passengers. Because it has traditionally sized 27.5 tires, it rides more like a traditional bicycle. It features the largest battery of any bike in our shop too, at a whopping 21 Amp hours. Paired with a 750watt peak hub motor means the power to get around Duluth is more than ample. This is also the choice bike of our service advisor here at the shop, Brad, and he personally owns one.

Our next offering is the Himiway Big Dog. The Big Dog is sort of a cross between a fat tire bike and cargo bike, and its 20x4" knobby tires give it the off-the-beaten-path prowess that traditional cargo e-bikes lack. Whether you're looking for a silent hunting companion, a way to drag your ice-fishing sled onto the lake, or just want something "tuff" this bike has your bases covered. The

Big Dog also features an extra large battery at 20 Amp hours. Paired with hydraulic disc brakes and a 7 speed drive-train, the Big Dog is an all-around excellent choice and

a great value at only $2,099.

Our third and final cargo e-bike is the Aventon Abound. Brand new for 2023, the Abound is Aventon's first foray into the cargo-bike sector. It's low step-through design makes it very accessible and it has a payload rating of up to 440 pounds. It also boasts a torque sensor to make for a more natural pedal-assist feeling. Aventon's latest e-bikes also all feature their new Smart Color Display that can pair wirelessly with your phone to record ride data and change power settings.


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